Why you should give cloud gaming subscription a try?

Have you ever wonder why Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime are so popular? They are all subscription based services that allow customers to pay for usage rather than ownership, which to many is a much better deal. We have subscription for movies, for music, for fast shipping, etc. So why not video games? Developed on this idea, cloud gaming companies, such as Blacknut Games, provides players instant and unlimited access to a growing library of games on multiple devices with no commitment. Blacknut Games - One of the best Cloud gaming platform!

Rich catalog of video games for everyone

The most attractive feature of cloud gaming is the rich catalog of video game titles. Unlike any others, Blacknut offers casual gaming experience with careful handpicked selection of more than 200 games for everyone, including thrilling titles like “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter," adventurous like “The Flame in the Flood,” or exciting like “Garfield Kart.” No matter who you are, there will be the right games for you. Our growing library contains various genres, ranging from adventure, role-playing to logic, retro games with new games added every week.

Great entertainment anywhere and anytime

With our cloud storage and streaming technology, there is no need for those long hours installation or expensive sets of gaming gears. With just one subscription, you can have instant access to all the games available on Blacknut and play on your computer, on Android mobiles and TV, on Amazon Fire TV, and more. So no matter where you are: as a family around your television, alone on your computer, or out and about on your smartphone, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of your favorite games.


Un-interrupted experience

We want you to have a seamless experience with Blacknut Games. Therefore our offer is simple and straightforward. Once you subscribe to our monthly plan, we give you unlimited access the all the games available on Blacknut. There is nothing to unlock, no in-app purchases, no pesky pop-up ads screen. But most important of all, with our cloud systems and safe saving, all the progress you have made will still be there when you come back later. Enjoy endless titles in the related categories with our personalized recommendation system.

No commitment

The advantage of monthly subscription plan is that there is no commitment. Thanks to the cloud gaming technology, customers now can pay for game usage rather than ownership. Instead of paying a chunk of money here and there to purchase games that you will get bored over a few weeks, you can get unlimited access to our growing libraries of games in various genres with just one subscription. Whenever you feel like you want to take a break, you can cancel your plan at anytime without any additional cost. We also offer you a free 14-day-trial before you decide whether Blacknut is a good fit for you gaming taste.

Protect your children with parental control

We understand your concern about the content that your children be exposed to, especially when we offer unlimited access to a wide selection of games. That is why we developed a feature that allows you to create separate profiles for each family member. You can restrict access to content that exceeds a certain age category by setting up a PIN number for the parent profiles. In addition, we also classify and label our games according to PEGI standards to help guide you identify the right games for your kids.

With everything that cloud gaming has to offer, it is worth trying this new gaming experiences. Especially, Blacknut Games offers 14 days free trial that gives you full access to all the games available on our platform. Feel free to explore and let us know what else matter to your gaming experiences.

We are now available at https://www.blacknut.com, Android TV and Android Box, FireTV and Android mobiles. Coming soon on iOS mobiles, tablets and Samsung Tizen TV.

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