Everyday is Women's Day with Blacknut Games

You like to shop like Cristina Cordula, prepare meals for a whole restaurant like in Top Chef, or save lives like in Grey's Anatomy, all without risk or constraint. The Delicious, Fabulous, and Heart's Medicine game series are just right for you (and surely for your daughter).

Who has not spent hours reconstructing the universes and not familiar with Playmobil or Barbie? Similarly, the series Delicious, Fabulous, and Heart's Medicine, are management games that easily allow us to plunge into a nice girly universe.
We must warn you, these over-caffeinated point'n'click have the ability to make you lose track of time. It's addicting!

The principle of management game is always the same. The heroine you play must manage alone, running a bridal shop, a restaurant, or a doctor's office. It is not easy when customers or patients are increasing in numbers and more demanding.

In the "Delicious" series, you will help Emily, a young restaurant manager.
For the "Fabulous" series, it's Angela who needs your help in her conquest of the world of fashion.
In the third series "Heart's Medicine" by GameHouse, you play Allison, a female doctor.Little girls love all three!
You will see.

And for adults, the nostalgic "The Love Boat", a GameHouse game takes the scenery and characters of the legendary series. You will not only find Captain Stubing, but also Julie, Gopher, Doc and Isaac. And as in the good old days, you will see nascent love stories aboard the Pacific Princess.
The task is challenging, you are alone to keep your cruise ship "afloat", especially during rush hours. To survive, you will have to keep tapping, and not a few taps but frenzy with both thumbs.

The strength of GameHouse games is their story, which focus on the main characters of different saga with the evolution of their stories. The graphics are colorful, the atmosphere is joyful, and the soundtrack is perfectly metered.

The games clearly seem to have been designed for tablets. Especially in the series of "Heart's Medicine", it requires you to tap-drag with finger. But do not worry it is playable with a mouse.
Behind the cute appearance, these games is a nice challenge for the perseverance of players.

All these games are available on Blacknut, from €9.99/month without any commitment.

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