With less than £20, what can you do to have fun and enjoy your life to the fullest? It may sounds like a small amount, but we can still make use of each buck to create happiness and joyful moments in life. Here are some suggestions that you all can try with £20.

Going out for one night with your friends

Having a night out is the most popular and easiest way of having fun for most of us. A pre-drink party, some snacks and a ticket to your favourite club, everything can happen within £20 per night. When you are in your early 20s, clubbing never gets bored, you and your close friends can go out every single weekend, both Friday and Saturday without a hangover. It feels like endless fun as long as you all spend time together, and each of us once had the thought that we could enjoy this lifestyle for the rest of our life. However, things will change when you grow older, and with your responsibilities and families, clubbing will be occasionally. So I prefer we going out as much as we can and while we can, and when it comes to the time for your to find another entertainment source, or you are not really a party person, I still have some more recommendations for you within your £20 budget.

Buy some books and enjoy your time alone

If you are not a big fan of parties and crowded places, chilling nights at home will be the best choice of relaxation. Imagine you sit on the couch, with a cup of tea and your favorite books, there is no such peaceful and relaxing thing. After a long working week or a long time busy spending time for work, friends and life problems, giving yourself a little personal time is necessary and enjoyable. With £20, tea and books can be your good companies for a whole month.

Go on a picnic day with your family

Family time is my favorite time! Going on road trip, preparing some picnic food, pick a good weather day and we are all ready to go! You will love when each of your family members takes their turn to pick the most favorite songs, and it turns out to be your favorite song too. Your dad loves Bee Gees, but he also sings Ariana Grande at the top of his lungs. Your mom shows how good she is at dancing at the park on the sunny day when Cardi B’s comes on the radio and the sandwiches your older brother prepared is surprisingly good. Things cannot go wrong on a road - picnic trip and all you have to do is enjoy your family time!

Subscribe for Blacknut Games and bring fun to everyone

What about all staying at home and playing games together? Indoor time is fun time now! Blacknut is already on your PC and smart TV, and with only £16 per month, the whole family can have fun without going out or setting up complicated and expensive hardware. For the first subscription, you will have 14-day free trial, and subscription can be cancelled anytime. With 12 game categories and more than 250 game titles, the world of game is right in your living room with just simple consoles and the spirit of gaming! The whole family can join, your friends can come and join, you throw a party at home and everyone can join Blacknut Gaming Competition, to find the winners, the best competitors, the most enthusiastic friends and most importantly, the enjoyable moments. Every moment is delightful with Blacknut Games!

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