According to the report about UK gamers by Newzoo (2018), about a half of parents in the UK is willing to spend time playing video games with their children. They have found not only educational but also health and fitness benefits in gaming for their kids, so family gaming has become a popular leisure activity for parents and childrens.

Firstly, parents believes that playing games helps their children become more competitive and gain more skills. Beside outdoor activities, video games can also help you to discover the potential of your kids and improve good skills for them, such as becoming more competitive, making good decision, problem solving, concentration and multitasking. Also, when your kids discover that you are a pro in racing game, or your wife can possibly win most of fighting games, he/she will find you more worthy of a competitor, and becomes more willing to spend time with family instead of playing online games. Blacknut Games offers a game streaming service right in your living room, so all family members can gather and spend time together, and you can support your kids in their development and improvement.

Secondly, researchers at Michigan State University, in the United States found that playing video games linked to greater creativity, regardless of the type of game played. A study of nearly 500 12-year-olds found that the more kids played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories. With 250 games from Blacknut Games’ catalog, your children can now freely choose their favorite games and let their imagination lead the way.

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However, when we mention video games, the most important purpose of playing games is relaxing and fun. Parents want their children to learn and achieve more everyday, but do not forget to give them relaxing time and wonderful moments of childhood. 70% of parents in the UK believes that playing games brings their children more fun, and they are willing to join as a leisure family activity. They also enjoy playing, having fun and sharing moments with their kids, to have the same interest, laugh the same laugh, to become a competitor, a teammate, a trustworthy friends with their children. Blacknut Games proudly brings the most joyful gaming moments to families in France, Germany and the UK, to offer all-time-good entertaining solution for leisure time. With only $12.99 subscription fee a month and 14 day free trial, family time is always fun time!

We are now available at https://www.blacknut.com, Android TV and Android Box, Amazon FireTV and also on mobiles, tablets and Samsung Tizen TV.


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