Guilty Gear Isuka

In the year whatever, in the town of whocares, an awful plot brings together a handful of animated fighters to duke it out like there’s no tomorrow! So strap in, pick your favorite character, and smash those buttons (or learn every single combo), for there can be only one left standing! No context or excuses needed: Fight!

  Fighting - Dexterity

Game information

The colorful characters of Guilty Gear XX #Reload return for an encore, and are joined by newcomers A.B.A and Robo-Ky Mk. II! On top of the 23 characters available by default.
Beat-Em-Up Action - Isuka goes from fighter to brawler when you dive into GG Boost Mode. Punch/kick/cut/grapple your way through waves of formidable opponents.

Type: Fighting
Audio: English
Subtitles / Interface: English
Duration: quick sessions
Difficulty: medium
Rating: GamingTrend 87/100
Multiplayer mode: local competition and cooperation 2-4 players

The commands are indicated in the game options.
The "Escape" key of the keyboard leaves the game without opening the pause menu.

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