Left-Right: The Mansion

Here is the story of a little boy, Billy, and his dog, Gigi, who has taken off into a big mansion. Billy will have to trod through this mysterious place, memorizing every step of the way, as he searches for his lost dog. You only have two options: left or right. Two doors, but only one will allow you to move forward…There is no puzzle, just your memory, so keep trying until you make it out!


Game information

Left-Right: The Mansion is a little game about a boy, Billy, whose dog named Gigi ran away inside a big mansion. He must journey through this mysterious place, where he will have to find and remember the right path in order to find her. Every room will challenge him with a simple choice to make: left or right. Two doors, yet only one will make him go forward; the other one will bring him back to the beginning.
Left-Right is a memory game filled with strange creatures and scary bosses who will try to stop Billy from finding his dog. It is a pretty simple and fun 2D game inspired by the old NES classic games Punch Out and Contra, for which, even after all these years, we still remember the button sequences to avoid the punches or get 30 lives.

Type: logic
Subtitles / Interface: English
Duration: 1h
Difficulty: low

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