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Blacknut Jeux Xbox Controller

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A controller is shown on the game info screen when the game is compatible with a Xbox One Bluetooth controller on this device. Most of our games are compatible with Xbox One Bluetooth controller, even when a controller isn’t required.

Blacknut Jeux Xbox Controller

Compatible Xbox One
Bluetooth controller

Bluetooth controller
On the new design, the “Xbox” button is moulded into the main plastic body of the controller, along with the analogue sticks and buttons (such as A, B, X, and Y).

Non-Bluetooth controller
On the old design, the “Xbox button” is moulded into the plastic on the top of the controller, into the same piece of plastic as the shoulder buttons and triggers.

Other models may be compatible with some devices:
GameSir G3s, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Switch Pro, Emtec GEM Pad BT F500, Logitech Gamepad F310, Nacon PC Gaming Controller PCGC 100, Logitech Gamepad F710 wireless...