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Trouble paying for your Blacknut subscription

Insufficient funds
This error occurs when your credit or debit card does not have enough available balance to pay your bill.

In this case:

  • Check the balance of your account. Sometimes, unexpected spending can leave you with less money than usual.
  • Contact your bank to find a solution.
  • If your bank cannot find any problems, try a different payment method.

Incorrect/obsolete information
This happens when the payment information you provided (CVV, address, card number, etc.) does not match the card you used to pay, or when your card has expired.

In this case:

  • Check your payment details in your account profile and make any necessary updates.
  • Contact your bank for additional support and check whether a new card has been issued.

Payment refused
Blacknut rarely refuses payments and your bank can tell Blacknut why a payment was refused.
If your bank has refused the payment:

  • Contact your bank to find out why the payment failed. Your bank can help you solve the problem.
  • Try another payment method (apart from SEPA transfers).
  • If a payment issue goes unresolved, your account will be suspended after 6 days, and your data deleted after 15 days.

If you haven’t found a solution here, get in touch to see if we can help!

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