5 Ideal Games For Stress Relief

Video games in general are known to provide escape from work stresses or day-to-day life. However, despite the fact that most games can be comforting in one way or another, some games are simply designed to help you relax.

Here’s a list of sublime PC/Mac games you can try out right now if you need to zen out for a bit.


Mini Metro by Dinosaur Polo Club

Enter minimalist versions of the world’s biggest cities and rebuild their subways by connecting colorful lines. It sounds crazy, but public transportation has never been this soothing.


Shape of the World by Hollow Tree Games and Plug In Digital

A sweet and relaxing psychedelic escape. The environment grows around you as you stroll through dream-like forests, aquatic caves and peaceful shores.


Circles by Jeroen Wimmers

Let your mind wander as you move your cursor and observe how the circles respond to your movements. A delicate and fascinating abstract puzzle.


IIN by Epopeia Games

Immerse yourself in a mysterious yet calming world and interact with shapes to help your cube complete each puzzle. The relaxing music makes this game perfect for before bed.


iO by Gamious

Take control of a sphere and manipulate its size to change speed and momentum. Roll your worries away with this physics puzzler.


Have you played these games before? Let us know what you think.

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