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Blacknut is a personalized cloud gaming service that allows you to play a large selection of video games as instantly and coveniently as watching shows on Netflix. Instead of paying for each game separately, you pay a monthly subscription to access a selection of over 200 games. New games and features are added regularly to keep things fresh. Blacknut currently supports PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile devices, Android TV, and Linux with more connected devices arriving soon. No controllers or extra hardware required, all you need is an internet connection.

You will be billed on the same day each month thereafter. You can cancel your subscription online at any time at no extra cost via your settings page.

The Blacknut app is currently available on PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile devices, Android TV, and Linux with more connected devices arriving soon A download speed of at least 6 Mb/s is highly recommended for optimal performance. More devices are coming soon to provide you with a seamless and instant gaming experience across all your connected devices.

The features of the service may differ per device. For more information on limitations and recommendations for use, see our Terms and Conditions.

If the answer to your problem is not listed in this FAQ, please contact us directly .

Yes, we support multiplayer mode for a number of games. Some games will allow you to play in co-op mode or against your friends locally. The online multiplayer mode (being able to play remotely against other Blacknut users online) is currently in development and will be available soon. The app will be regularly updated with new multiplayer games.

The save files are managed by the games, so your game progress will be saved differently in each game according to its save system.

No, thanks to game streaming technology the games are instantly playable. Once the Blacknut app is installed the app will not require any additional storage (the app takes up less than 100 MB).

If you have to choose we highly recommend the Xbox One game controller. On your mobile you can use a bluetooth controller. But you can also use depending of the game, a keyboard, and mouse/trackpad, the Amazon Fire TV remote, or a TV remote (for Android TV), to navigate through the app and play games.
Note that some games of the catalog are not compatible with all types of controller and this may impact your experience, you can see which controllers are compatible with each game on the game details page. Though most games are playable using a keyboard and mouse, in some instances a controller is recommended for an optimal experience.

Blacknut uses streaming technology (real-time streaming) and requires a sufficiently powerful internet connection to ensure stable streaming during your gaming session. A download speed of at least 6 Mb/s is highly recommended to for an optimal experience.

A slower internet connecion may result in data loss and you may experience audio and video glitches. Each time you launch the Blacknut application your internet connection will be tested to inform you if your connection is optimal.

If you're using a Wi-Fi connection, get as close to your box or internet router as possible. Avoid using two streaming services at the same time. If you can, use a RJ45 ethernet network cable - it will avoid interference with other networks and degradation that can occur with a Wi-Fi network.

You can do it directly from your profile page on the Blacknut website. Canceling your subscription will still leave your save files intact and give you the choice to continue playing at a later date. If you want us to completely erase all your data, send us a message .

You can change your email or password at any time from your profile page on the Blacknut website.

Yes, you can manage parental control from your profile on the Blacknut desktop app.

Yes, you have the opportunity to create multiple profiles in the application. This enable you to have different profile, each with a specific favorites and saved games list. You can also use parental control features to secure a Kid profile when creating a new profile.