Looking for some interesting games to play with your kids this weekend? Here are some suggestions from Blacknut Games that will give your family a wonderful relaxing time.


If you have ever played any kart-racing game, you should be familiar with the basic set-up of Garfield Kart. The goal is to use your best driving skills and bonus objects to be first across the finish line of 16 different circuits. Players can choose among one of eight playable characters from the Garfield universe: Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry and Squeak. However, before you can unlock Harry or any other characters, you only start out as Garfield or Jon.

Each racer has different stats, represented by a speedometer, a steering wheel, and a lightning bolt. The speedometer represents speed, the steering wheel symbolizes handling, and the lightning bolt is for Acceleration. Differs from other racing game, in Garfield Kart, traveling off the race path results in no slow-down or negative consequences, thus actually encourages you to just leave the paved road and cut through mud, sand, or any other terrain featured on the tracks.

This game features fully customizable vehicles, allowing player to ride a bullet-shaped motorcycle or race around in a baby carriage. Players can add an array of spoilers to their kart, which increases their speed or handling. Another way for players to customize their racers is by adding headgear to their characters. This headgear either increases the usefulness of an item or minimizes the effect an enemy item has on the player. Multiplayers can now play, so it is time to guide your kids with your well-trained racing skill, so they can practice their ability for quick response, and decision-making while enjoying all the fun. You can watch game trailer here and start enjoying this lovely game with your children today!

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Another good choice for kid game is Stickman Bike: Pro Ride. This time you are the Stickman with a bike to jump around! Your goal is pretty simple: reach the end of the level, use your bike to race and style over obstacles. There are a lot of cool random "freestyle jumps" that can apply to your character while jumping: No foot, Backflip, Superman style. Which makes the game challenging is that you also need to manage your speed to complete each level, and here is where your children learn how to take control of the game if they do not want to start all over again, because they will need to replay the level from the start after three failed attempts.. 40 levels total can lead to hours of fun gameplay. Convenient management, quiet graphics will have you to taste. There is also a leaderboard for you to compare your score with your family members and compete against them. It’s Freestyle time. 1,2,3 GO !!!Find out more about the game here.


Our last choice this week is Angelo - Skate Away, which is a brand new game based on the successful TV show Angelo Rules. Angelo is an 11-year-old boy who finds creative ways to combat the daily struggles of everyday life through skating. Find yourself as Angelo, Lola, Sherwood and more than 15 other characters from the show in this epic skate game. Enjoy skating through such iconic environments as the City, the School, Adventure Land or the Skate-park, in a fun and easy-to-get platformer. Collect cupcakes and use them to unlock new levels, characters, hats, boards and tricks and become a very unique skater. Dominate Leaderboard to show your children who the real boss is, also your kids can learn how to be more competitive and creative through playing such an interesting game!

All of these wonderful games are now available at, Android TV and Android Box, Amazon FireTV and also on mobiles, tablets and Samsung Tizen TV.


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