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Gaming has been a necessary part of our daily life, and many of us are now finding joy in playing video/online games in their leisure time. However, there are also controversial discussions about gaming, so let’s take a look at them and see how Blacknut offers a solution for gaming in modern family.

Gaming is not for everyone.

If you want to be a game player, you need to spend a lot of time, money and effort in the game. You cannot be a good player if you are too busy, limited in budget or not skillful enough. If you ever think this way, you will change your mind after Blacknut Games. Gaming can be affordable and healthy, and you can easily find your favorite game to entertain without spending too much time, money or effort. Blacknut Games is a game streaming service for everyone, which can easily be accessed in various platform such as PCs or smart TVs, anywhere, anytime without purchasing expensive hardware. With Blacknut, no matter who are you, parents, kids, teenagers, busy employees; no matter where are you, at home, at a party, visiting a friends, you can always have fun playing games. Designed with casual users in mind, Blacknut focuses on family member and expects every member can enjoy Blacknut games together and in their own ways. You do not need to know much about gaming or be a hardcore game players, as long as you want to have a good time, Blacknut can help.

Gaming separates family members

If you ever think that , as they all went straight to their rooms after school and stayed in there forever. As a solution, Blacknut brings a game streaming service and carefully selected all the premium games, to make the platform suitable for all ages and generations, to satisfy gaming desire of players and create space for them to share the interest with their family. Instead of spending time alone in your room, why don’t enjoy games in living room and show your parents all the amazing skills you have been practicing all the time? Your strict mom can be a pro in racing games, your dad can beat your highscore in fighting battle, so now you have a worthy competitor to beat.


Gaming is not a healthy habit

Gaming is said to be time-consuming, nonsense, also not good for mental and physical health. However, gaming is proved to bring a lot of benefits too, as long as it does not become an addiction and keeps you away from people you love. In the UK, gaming is considered as an educational method for parents and childrens, so as they can get to know each other, understand strengths and weaknesses of family members, as well as share the problems to solve while playing games together. 42% of parents in the UK plays games with their children (Report by Newzoo about The UK Gamer, 2018), and Blacknut is currently providing the platform with various game choice for every family to get close and learn more about each other. Moreover, parents in the UK says their children have more fun, learn more skills, become more competitive and creative; so there is no reason parents ban their kids from playing games. Playing together on Blacknut, parents can control their child’s gaming time and still let them have fun the way they want. The parents do not need to know much about gaming, but they can still share the same joy with their kids.

Blacknut’s mission is to provide the best personalized interactive entertainment service and to broaden the positive values of playing games such as learn, compete, collaborate, grow, dream. We all expect that people find the joy in everything they do, and share that joy with people they love. So why don’t give Blacknut a try, you have 14 days FREE trial and there is no commitment for the subscription later. Enjoy life with your family, multiple the happiness!

We are now available at, Android TV and Android Box, FireTV and Android mobiles. Coming soon on iOS mobiles, tablets and Samsung Tizen TV.

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