The story of a guy who starts being an adult: busy working, caring for family, spending time with girlfriend. He somehow forgot how much he loved video games and wanted to spend time enjoying them. Then he found the perfect solution to balance his life and pursuit his interest.

When I was a normal 22-year-old guy, I worked a busy office job, had a girlfriend and still lived with my parents. As a young guy, I had a lot of things to do, lot of stuff to care about, but not so much time to finish them all, which means I needed to prioritize things. Focusing on work, taking care of my girlfriend, sharing with my parents and sister, I did not have much time left for my personal interest. I almost forgot when was the last time I enjoyed a whole afternoon just playing my favorite games.

I have been playing games since I was a kid. I loved racing game, and I tried almost every available racing game on PC, mobile and TV with my console. After graduating, I had less “racing time”, I practiced to be an adult with jobs, family and relationships. But deep down, the “boy” in me still wanted to control that wheel, to enjoy the speed and get a taste of championship at the finish line. I was still finding a way to balance my life, and I knew racing games will always be a part of that balanced life. I just did not know how to bring my favorite game back to my life yet.

Then on my 23 birthday, something magical happened. I promised to go home and have dinner with my family and my girlfriend on my birthday, instead of getting wasted in some clubs with my friends, and that was an accurate decision. My girlfriend said she bought me some present, and that was the $19.99 subscription of Blacknut Games, which offers me nearly 20 different speed games, and also a various catalog of 250 games to play anytime, anywhere with just PC, mobile or SmartTV. More than that, the whole family can join the game, so finally it was time that I showed them how good I was as a racer, and they were all surprised with my skills. I have been practicing for 22 years, people!

Now I have been using Blacknut Games for 3 months, and I can play almost everywhere. I can spend time with my family now and still enjoy my games, relax at work with some games on mobile, throw a party with my friends and gaming for party is never easier. My girlfriend turns out to be a pro racing player, and now she is trying so hard to beat my highscore. My family has gaming night every Thursday and we all look forward to it every week. Who says adults cannot enjoy gaming hobby, playing game is for everyone at every age, and if you are a grown-up now, you can still have you game in grown-up style with Blacknut Games.

Blacknut Games are now available at, Android TV and Android Box, Amazon FireTV and also on mobiles, tablets and Samsung Tizen TV.


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