Blacknut - About us

Blacknut aims to fundamentally change the video game industry by creating a service where users can access a vast catalog of curated games, play without limit across all devices, and no longer have the need for dedicated hardware, all for a simple subscription.

Using the latest cloud computing technology, Blacknut digitizes video games, delivering them through the cloud directly to smart devices such as televisions, tablets, and phones or through devices like set-top boxes and dongles.

As a company, there are three pillars upon which our approach rests.
• First is to provide a catalog of games that brings a richness and abundance that doesn’t exist today. Our platform has a myriad of games that range in theme, style, and approach and allow users to have new experiences in gaming that they otherwise would not have.
• Second is our focus on ease of access and use - games on our platform are available across smart devices and can be started on one device and finished on another.
• Last is our dedication to curation which is to say seeking and selecting the best games for the platform. Curation lets our users discover the best games and brings to light important creations made by both indie studios and AAA publishers.


Management team

Olivier Avaro - CEO

Olivier Avaro

Nabil Laredj - Director business, Development and Licensing

Nabil Laredj
Director Bus, Dev. & Licensing

Daphné Parot - CMO

Daphné Parot

Pascal Manchon - CTO

Pascal Manchon

Thierry Teyssier - CPO

Thierry Teyssier

Caroline Cayol - Directrice de la Rédaction

Caroline Cayol
Directrice de la Rédaction

Edwige Gaba - CFO

Edwige Gaba

If you're a studio or game maker and want to talk with us, we'd love to engage. Contact Nabil at -