The Last Tinker : City of Colors

Bouncy - Shimmering - Apelike

Welcome to Colortown! Not so long ago, this was a multicolored city. But today, the town is in peril: a dark force named The Bleakness has emerged and seeks to tear the colors apart, draining all joy and life from the world. Play as Koru, a young boy from the slums of Colortown, and jump from roof to ledge, and from tentacles to ropes, in search of those who instill these conflicts in Colortown.

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Game information

The Last Tinker is a joyous action adventure videogame which offers you a vivid journey through Colortown, a world built upon creativity, emotion and collaboration, and a celebration to all-time classics like "Jack and Daxter" or "Banjo-Kazooie".
The game is a real throwback to the childhood. You can play the game with your kids or, even better, rediscover the kid in yourself.

Type: adventure, platformer, dexterity
Audio: English
Subtitles / Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
Duration: 10h
Difficulty: medium
Rating: Hooked Gamers 8,5/10

The commands are indicated in the game options.


In the same category: Adventure  Kids

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