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The goblin king just vanished, what happened? Thankfully, three courageous goblin friends will try and figure out the mysterious disappearance: Asgard the strong one who can break things and climb everywhere, Ignatius, the brain of the operation, a magician whose spells have unpredictable effects and Oups, the tinkerer who can use and transform most objects he finds. A great classic from the 90s.

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Game information

In the first game, play the adventures of Oops, Asgard and Ignatius (also known as Dwayne, Hooter and BoBo in US) who are looking for a remedy to cure the king Angoulafre. Each character has specific abilities so you will need to play with them alternatively to succeed all the different levels.

Type: retro, adventure, logic
Subtitles / Interface: English, French, German
Duration: 10h
Difficulty: medium 


In the same category: Retro

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