Undercover Cops

Lout - Bozo - Gonzo

Double agents currently working undercover in the mob finally get the order they had been waiting for: “bring it all down.” You don’t have to say it twice cap’n, we’re on it! With the help of some very special martial arts techniques and a concrete column smashed in their face, do away with organised crime in the most unorthodox of manners!

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Game information

Undercover Cops is an arcade-style beat 'em up video game developed and published by Irem, originally for the arcades in 1992.
The video game is notable for its detailed backgrounds and grimy futuristic setting. Besides the usual human thugs, players fight strange mole creatures and mutants with jet packs and blades for hands. Players can never use enemy weapons, but the stages contain objects that can be picked up and used instead such as burning oil drums, steel girders, long concrete columns that shatter on impact, boxes of hand grenades and fish.

Type: retro, fighting
Audio: English
Subtitles / Interface: English
Duration: quick sessions
Difficulty: medium 
Multiplayer mode: local cooperation 2 players

To insert coins, please press the "C" key on your keyboard or the "Start" (select) button on your gamepad.


In the same category: Retro  Fighting

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