The largest video game catalog for the whole family
Thanks to Blacknut, turn your Fire TV into a game console.

Over 320 games on one app.

(Your first 14 days are free. From $12.99/month)

Blacknut respects your privacy
and protects your family

Create a user profile for each family member, so « Parents » and « Kids » have separate accounts.
Protect your« Parent » account by setting a PIN to restrict access to content that exceeds a certain age category.

What is Blacknut?

No storage space required

Launch and play any game on the app instantly thanks to streaming tech.
No game downloads necessary, save the storage space on your devices for the other good stuff.

Escape from ads and in-app purchases

Get uninterrupted and unlimited access to all the games for one monthly subscription.
Nothing to unlock, and no pesky ad screens.

Make room at home

With Blacknut, no more console in the living room, no more games box lying around, no more games lost on the train. Give your family (or give yourself) unlimited access to hundreds of games for a single monthly fee.

Your first 14 days are free.
Cancel anytime, no commitments.

Download the app and send it to your Amazon Fire TV automatically, or search for it directly on your Amazon Fire TV.

(Your first 14 days are free. From $12.99/month)