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Is your antivirus or firewall blocking Blacknut?

If you have antivirus software or a firewall installed on your computer, it may prevent Blacknut from running normally.

Sometimes, and especially when running Blacknut for the first time, your antivirus or firewall might stop Blacknut from running and show a warning message. If this happens, select the option (in the warning window or in the antivirus settings) that enables Blacknut to run.

In other cases, your antivirus or firewall may stop the Blacknut app from being executed or prevent it from launching a game. Just like with the last example, you should go into your antivirus or firewall settings to find the option that lets you run Blacknut.

If the games aren’t launching once you have installed Blacknut, or they are launching and you just get a black screen, check your antivirus or firewall settings and make sure that Blacknut isn’t on the list of blocked programmes.

The links below can help you find a solution to problems with some of the most common antivirus software, and let you get Blacknut up and running:

Windows Defender (Windows antivirus/firewall)
Bit Defender
Mcafee Firewall

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