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Setting up an Xbox One Bluetooth controller with Blacknut

To pair your wireless Xbox controller to a Bluetooth compatible device:

  • Activate Bluetooth on your device.
  • Press the Xbox button to turn your controller on and press and hold the controller’s Bind button to make it visible to your device. The logo flashes quickly when the controller is ready for pairing.
  • Use the Bluetooth feature on your device to find and pair your wireless controller.

For help with pairing your controller to your devices, please see the instructions found in the links, below:


Xbox One Bluetooth compatible wireless controller:
Remember that there are two versions of the controller: on the new design, the “Xbox” button is moulded into the main plastic body of the controller, along with the analogue sticks and buttons (such as A, B, X, and Y).

Controller updates:
Microsoft recommends updating your Xbox controller to make sure that you device is compatible with the latest software and hardware updates. Here’s how to update your Xbox controller.

Test your connection
Your connection needs to be able to transmit your button presses with as little latency as possible. Most controllers require a 15Mb/s connection and a latency of less than 30ms.

Important: none of the third party hardware and software mentioned in this FAQ is sponsored, sold, or licensed by Blacknut. The use of additional hardware and software does not guarantee that your Xbox controller will be compatible with Blacknut or your device.

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