Touching - Animal - Wild

Step into the paws of a lynx cub as she takes her first steps. When you get separated from your family, you must survive the harsh world as you try to find your way back home. Use your instincts to fend off danger as you explore the vast land. This gripping story will hit you right in the feels.

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Game information

Paws is a tale of two halves and sees you traverse the dark and dank surroundings of an enchanted land as you try to fend off dangers, whilst overcoming the daunting sprawling landscape you encounter as you try to make your way home.
The game combines all the unique elements from the much loved Shelter series to present a lovingly crafted story about loss, friendship and a search for lost love.

Type: adventure, management, survival
Subtitles / Interface: English
Duration: 2h
Difficulty: medium
Rating: Game Reviews AU 4/5

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In the same category: Adventure

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