Shimmering - Enchanting - Exploratory

Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surrealistic world filled with our most hidden thoughts, desires and memories. Unfortunately, new thoughts have begun to emerge and take the form of nightmarish creatures that spread fear along the way. Help Dusty and his friend Piper solve multiple puzzles to restore the courage lost.

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Game information

A musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind... Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world; a place filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads.
Figment offers various challenges for all kind of players. Swing your sword skillfully at the enemies, rack your brain to solve puzzles and combine the two in epic musical boss battles.

Type: adventure, dexterity
Audio: English
Subtitles / Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Others...
Duration: 5h
Difficulty: medium
Rating: COGconnected 90/100

The commands are indicated in the game options.


In the same category: Adventure

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