Valhalla Hills

Castrametater - Truculent - Scandinavian

After a life of fighting in honor of the Scandinavian gods, you die at last, sword in hand. And now this?! Instead of opening the doors of Valhalla, the warriors’ paradise, these ungrateful gods still ask more of you. Take command of a Viking camp, lead your people and survive the wilderness, and reclaim your eternal reward!

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Game information

As in all classic building and time management games, the main goal is to improve the productivity of the Vikings by succeeding in establishing a balanced economy on the Valhalla hills. Look after your Vikings, gathering food, chopping wood, and mastering the complex economics of wilderness survival.
Be prepared for randomly generated levels with various challenges, look after your Vikings' needs.

Type: strategy, management
Subtitles / Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Duration: 200h
Difficulty: medium
Rating: Hooked Gamers 7/10


In the same category: Management

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