MOAI 2: Path to Another World

Administrative - Organizational - Spiritual

Miru, Polynesian god of the dead, has captured your beloved! To save her, you will have to travel to Awaika through all the magical kingdoms destroyed by Miru. Clear roads, rebuild villages, and rescue the inhabitants from evil specters in order to bring your sweetheart back to the Tapa-Tui.

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Game information

You control the destiny of this heroic ruler and his people. To succeed, you'll need to gather food and other resources, and then use them wisely to finish the tasks that lie before you. You'll also need to defend your people against evil henchman and bizarre supernatural enemies.
Use strategy to complete tasks quickly, and a slew of achievements will be yours! With adventure to spare, an inspiring story of destiny, and gameplay that will hold you in a grip of excitement, Moai 2: Path to Another World is an instant classic!

Type: management, speed
Subtitles / Interface: English, French, German
Duration: quick sessions
Difficulty: low


In the same category: Management  Speed  Kids

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