Cosmic Cop

Spatial - Martial - Armed

A huge spaceship and two weapons to save the world: a direct laser and a homing one. That’s it, go get’em tiger. No, no, don’t beg for an army or backup, we’re all busy somewhere, and someone has to do it, right? If you want upgrades, find ‘em, if you want bigger guns, buy ‘em, but there’s no one but you to count on to rescue the universe from an assured destruction.

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Game information

Type: retro, shooting
Audio: English
Subtitles / Interface: English
Duration: quick sessions
Difficulty: high
Multiplayer mode: local competition 2 players round by round.

To insert coins, please press the "C" key on your keyboard or the "Start" button on your gamepad.


In the same category: Retro  Shooting

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