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Hammerin' Harry

Crazy - Brawler - Heckled
The greedy Rusty Nails Inc. wants to build a new skyscraper where Harry’s home now stands, and he’s not too happy about it. So he uses his huge hammer to express his emotions to the goons that try to take his house, to the workers who want to destroy it, and to the execs of Rusty Nails Inc in their glass tower.

Hammerin' Harry is available on:

  • Your computer

  • Your Smart TV

  • Your mobile

Game information

Type: retro, dexterity, fighting 
Audio: English 
Subtitles / Interface: English 
Duration: quick sessions 
Difficulty: medium 
Multiplayer mode: local competition 2 players round by round.

To insert coins, please press the "C" key on your keyboard or the "Start" button on your gamepad.